I.T Logistics & Transport

Our professional, dedicated team, handle your equipment with care.

Surespeed are trusted to manage the integration, transportation, swap-out of legacy I.T equipment, end of life, data destruction & W.E.E.E. disposal of I.T equipment by companies throughout the UK.

We specialise in office relocation where we can provide consultation services that enable you to achieve a “zero down time” solution. We handle all your I.T equipment/requirements internally and do not outsource any work to third party companies, ensuring security and transparency throughout.

We can plan and implement kit migration & integration from delivery to installation, as well as the swap out of legacy I.T systems on-site, liaising with your I.T department 24/7 to provide a seamless transition.We can work with your business to implement a solution from day one integration, swap out, faulty equipment on-site, relocation of server racks and cabinets through hostile terrain by using our specialist handling equipment and the end of life process, along with W.E.E.E. certified disposal and independent data destruction.

Our team have handled data centre relocations, multi office equipment upgrades and server transportation & installation for multi-national financial, construction & healthcare organisations to name a few.

24/7 365 DAYS A YEAR