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Technical Couriers and experts in IT

A technical courier is a courier who is trained in I.T repair and installation

Technical Courier………… What does that mean?

Every day, all around the country, couriers are delivering Computer parts and I.T Equipment to offices, shops, and other commercial premises, and are often asked for help to install them.

Usually the answer is “sorry, i don’t know how to, there will be an engineer coming later”. The next day the same courier may well be back again to pick up the broken equipment and take it back for servicing or replacement.

In many cases, there is no other option than waiting for the engineer, as quite a lot of technical expertise can be required to install and set up complex computer systems. However what about simple replacements like computer monitors, projectors, printers, smartboards and routers. Installing them and making sure the new equipment works and taking away the old one, all in the same visit.

This is the job of a technical courier.

A technical courier is a courier who is trained in I.T repair and installation. For those who don’t now there USB from there POP3 these guys really know there stuff when it comes to I.T. However our tech guys won’t bombarde you with geek speak or start talking to you in computer code, they will provide you with a simple diagnostic report (if something is wrong) or give you tips on the best way to look after your new piece of I.T and keep it running to its optimum performance.

But it’s not just computers that we specialise in when it comes to getting technical. We also set up A.V Equipment and Exhibition stands for a variety of companies.

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